Automatic Control and Systems Engineering – The only Department in the UK and one of the best in the world dedicated to Control and Systems Engineering.

Systems and Control Engineering is in a position of great importance in almost all aspects of our lives. Modern life depends crucially on systems that have to operate independently to achieve a specified purpose accurately and safely.

“A complex connection of electromechanical components and computer systems each of which is simple in its own right but which together, have the ‘intelligence’ to achieve a complex objective with minimal human intervention.”

Systems and Control Engineering is in everyday use – from smartphones and cars, to medical and defence systems, to aerospace and the robots that assemble cars, explore the depths of the sea or the surface of planets. The list of applications is endless and the world needs Systems and Control engineers, educated to a high standard, with the potential to define new innovative, value-driven and personalised systems and services.

What will you be doing?

Given its widespread use in industry, commerce and the professions you will benefit from studying a wide range of subjects. At Sheffield you will obtain an understanding of aspects of computing, electronics, mechanical engineering and control principles supported by relevant aspects of other topics such as aeronautics, biomechanics and techniques for the analysis and design of complex systems and data. The precise mix of topics will depend on your degree choice and the specialisation selected.

You will be in great demand

Systems engineering has a widespread impact on many industries, so career opportunities are excellent. System modelling, design and analysis skills can also be applied in many disciplines outside engineering, for instance weather forecasting, economic system modelling, financial forecasting and the analysis of geological and medical data. This means that our graduates are highly employable both within engineering and in numerous other fields. There are still too few systems engineers to meet the demands of employers, so graduates are in demand in a buoyant careers market.

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