Online Careers Fair: Placement & Graduate Jobs

sheffield-pandg-fair-reg-sideimageNext week the Careers Service is launching an online jobs fair, bringing together a range of organisations who are recruiting for both graduate jobs and placements with 2018 start dates.

This event allows you to search for jobs; it also allows recruiting employers to search for potential applicants – they will be actively looking at those taking part to see if you have the skills that they need! So you may find yourself with an email invitation to chat from a company with positions to fill….who knows where that could take you!

Whether you have just finished your course, or are looking for a short-term placement for the summer vacation take a look at the positions available.

Careers Advisers will be online every day of the fair, so if you have any questions or would like help or advice please do make contact!

The fair starts at 10am on Monday 25th June and allows you to:

  • search and apply for jobs
  • chat with recruiters via video or text
  • access support from Careers Advisers every day
  • engage in career webcasts and interactive resources
  • watch on-demand presentations from participating organisations
  • network informally and make new connections

Register now

Once registered you can log into the fair to start your profile – make sure you add in all of your skills and experiences – employers will be looking!

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