Graduate Vacancy: Spiro Control


Spiro Control, an Industrial IoT software company, are seeking a further Product Developer to support the team with bringing new innovations to market rapidly. This is an opportunity to make a significant contribution to our ambitious R&D program developing real-time control and advanced analytics solutions to be deployed in various industries, including sectors as diverse as oil & gas, petrochemicals, micro-grids, and building control.

Full job profile available at:

Who should apply

Applicants should have a strong interest in industrial control and the mathematics associated with this area of engineering. Programming experience (including Python or Matlab) would be a key advantage.

What we can offer that is unique

A commitment to significant and continuous investment in R&D. As Spiro Control both develops and implements technology, there is flexibility for the role to be application oriented or software focused. Depending on a candidate’s preferences and abilities, we can find a fit for both.

Location flexibility

Whilst our preference is to have someone join the team at our central office outside of Manchester, we are open to people working remotely.

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