Graduate vacancy: Propelmee, Creating the Future of Autonomous Mobility


Self-driving intelligent mobile robotics is the most impactful and  profound technology revolution, unfolding today. Self-driving cars have the potential to transform society and mobility forever. There are many  benefits that a fully self-driving vehicle could bring, such as; safer roads where lives are no longer lost from human driving error, streamlined traffic, freedom of mobility for the elderly, disabled, and young, more free time for all, as well as many other social and economic benefits we can’t even begin to predict today. A point of certainty is that the day a fully self-driving car is developed, it will be an inflection point in human history.

The technology being used to enable self-driving cars can be applied to automate drones and robots for last-mile delivery, logistics vehicles, passenger pods for indoor and low speed urban transport, as well as many other exciting use cases. Propelmee’s vision is to create the future of self-driving mobility – and we are taking bold steps in shaping the  way self-driving cars see, understand, and interact with a busy and chaotic world.

Joining our team, you will have to opportunity to work on exciting new technology frontiers in the fields of deep learning and artificial intelligence, computer vision, robotics, and control systems. We are an ambitious start-up taking on the likes of Tesla and Google, and our ground-breaking approach to enabling self-driving cars could disrupt some of the largest tech-giants and automotive manufacturers racing to
develop fully autonomous cars.

We stand apart from the crowd. We are building a self-driving technology capability, which for the very first time, will be scalable worldwide by tackling the two biggest challenges facing every selfdriving car company:
Self-driving cars can only detect what they have been trained to
Self-driving cars can only drive on roads they have been manually
driven on before

Our self-driving technology recognises every obstacle, no matter what it is, and it can detect every drivable road surface, and drive on any road, whether we have been there before or not.

Our start-up has made tremendous technology and business progress since our inception in 2016. We have secured funding from the UK government, and are rapidly scaling up our operations to bring our technology to market.

We are looking for talented, hard-working, disciplined individuals who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and jump into the deep end. We are deploying our technology on our own self-driving car, which will be ready for trials in 2019. We pride ourselves on developing simple and elegant solutions to the most complex problems.

We put our team first – above investors, partners, and customers, and we give all employees the opportunity to choose their own path in this vast technology domain.

If you would like to be a part of the early stage team of a highly disruptive technology company at the forefront of the biggest transportation revolution of the 21st century – then get in touch with your CV and covering letter by emailing us at and tell us why you want to be a part of our journey on this great adventure.

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