Opportunity: Become a Sheffield Mentor

We are still looking for students to apply to become a Sheffield Mentor for ACSE!

Being a student mentor can be an extremely rewarding experience and one which provides opportunities for you to develop many skills which can enhance your CV.  It is also affiliated with the Sheffield Graduate Award and Skills for Work Certificate and counts towards your HEAR.

Sheffield Mentors are currently recruiting student volunteers to act as mentors to new undergraduates starting in September 2018.  As a student mentor your role will be to help your mentee/s settle in to the University and department as quickly as possible and then to be available should your mentee request help from you on personal and academic matters during the rest of the year.

More information and to apply

When you click on the application link you will need to log in using your university log in details and complete the online application form. You will need to choose a training session – most of the April sessions are full so these will be taking place in May before the exam period.

If you are currently on Erasmus, Year Abroad or a placement year then you will be able to complete online training so you can still apply.

The preferred deadline for applications is Sunday 29th April, although if we are still short of applications in your department we will consider applications received after this date.

If you have any queries please email the Sheffield Mentors Team: sheffieldmentors@sheffield.ac.uk



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