Events: Mock interviews, assessment centres, placements, resilience, applications and interviews, February 2018

Mock Interviews – PwC
9th February – all year groups

Interview nerves? You can now practice your interviewing techniques with a PwC recruiter. Students will have the opportunity to undertake a 25 minute 1:1 mock interview with a recruiter. You’ll spend roughly 15-20 minutes experiencing a competency-based interview followed by tailored individual feedback. You’ll need to be quick but just 4 places available!
Participating in this session will enable you to:
  • Approach graduate interviews with greater confidence and experience
  • Understand typical competency-based interview questions that employers ask in graduate interviews
  • Demonstrate skills and competencies effectively to graduate recruiters
  • Evaluate and improve performance at graduate interviews with the help of employer feedback

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Mock Assessment Centre
14th February – all year groups
Attend an afternoon with some of the top graduate and placement recruiters in the country and experience what a mock assessment centre is all about.

We have recruiters from organisations such as Teach First, PwC, KPMG, Sagar Wright, British Steel and the Civil Service who you will have the opportunity to meet with and learn from.

During the event you will be involved in three group activities from ‘real life’ assessment centres to help prepare you to land that dream placement or graduate job.

The event will run from 2.15pm – 6.00pm and will include three tasks from real assessment centres and an exclusive chance to network with the employers to find out more about their roles, opportunities and what they look for in their candidates.

By the end of this session you will be equipped to tackle any group exercises at assessment centres and know the skills and qualities that recruiters are looking for!

Government Operational Research Service (GORS)
22nd February – all students
Discover year-long and summer (10-12 weeks) analytical placements available in UK government Departments with the Government Operational Research Service (GORS)!

Operational Researchers carry out vital analysis that covers virtually every area within the Civil Service. By using scientific methods to understand real problems, we help to inform decision and policy making. We use a variety of techniques to do this, including modelling, simulation, designing experiments, and statistical analysis.

These placements are designed to place the you at the heart of this work, developing your analytical skills in ways that truly matter and gaining experience of working in a professional environment!

Come and meet us from 1-3pm in the Diamond Exhibition Space!

Resilience Skills Workshop – PwC
23rd February – all year groups
What is Resilience, why is it important, and how can you showcase your own Resilience?

This is an interactive session that will equip you with starting points for developing a strong understanding of what resilience means. It will build your awareness of your current level of resilience and provide guidance on how to develop your resilience whilst still at university. This session is a joint initiative, brought to you by both PwC and Teach First.

Book via CareerConnect (accessible through MUSE).
How to Succeed at: Applications
Online now – all year groups
Our free short online course will help you to write the perfect CV and application.

We’ll help you to understand the skills you have gained so far and show you how you can match them to job advertisements or course requirements. We’ll share top tips with you to help you write exceptional applications, CVs, covering letters and personal statements and provide insight from employers and admissions tutors on what they look for in candidates. We’ll go on to help you examine your digital footprint and develop a professional profile online.

The course is highly participative and includes videos and interactive material to help you master the art of application and CV writing.

How to Succeed at: Interviews
Online now – all year groups
How to Succeed at: Interviews

Being offered an interview can be quite daunting, so we’ve put together this free online course to help you prepare and be successful on the day.

We’ll help you to research the organisation so you can answer that frequently asked question ‘why do you want to work for us?’ with style.

We’ll provide advice on what to wear (and what not to wear) and go through some common interview questions. We’ll have tips from employers and admissions tutors on what they look for in candidates and cover the types of questions you should be asking them. Finally, we’ll help you to prepare for different types of interview including how to make an impression via telephone or video or within a group setting. We’ll also help you prepare for tests and practical work that may be included as part of the interview process.

The course includes articles, videos to watch and interactive material with tips to help you better understand how to prepare for your interview.

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