EventSir William Siemens Challenge 2018 – 2nd-4th February


The world is becoming increasingly connected. Whatever your field, as part of the next generation of engineers, you have to consider how the digital make-up of our environment will impact on your work. At Siemens, we think about the phenomenal effects of our futuristic technologies – actively building infrastructure that will allow our cities to run autonomously. Driverless cars, renewable energies, intelligent skyscrapers – we’re at the forefront of them all. And we want to see who’s capable of piecing it all together. 

Join us at Sir William Siemens Challenge 2018, discover MindSphere – our revolutionary, industrial-powered Internet of Things operating system – and build something to convince us you’re ready for engineering in the digital age.

Named after our founder, we host this annual event in hope of discovering the future talent that will carry on our 170-year legacy and usher in a new era of engineering. MindSphere Live is 2018’s event, bringing together the UK’s most promising engineers in one place.

What is it?
This year, the University of Sheffield’s innovative iForge at the Diamond Building will play host. Equipped with all the tools and machinery to produce your creation, 12 teams from UK universities will face off under one roof. All you need to bring is your own laptops! Get to know your team-mates, complement each others’ strengths and adapt to overcome any challenge together. These are all characteristics we’re looking for in our ideal candidates.

The event begins on the evening of Friday 2 February and accommodation and meals for the whole weekend will be provided and arranged by Siemens.

What’s in it for me?
There will be plenty of chances to network with our engineers and talent attraction staff. But it’s on the competition floor where you’ll really want to impress. If you have a real backing of complex skills, original ideas and confidence in your team, you can open the door to some truly fulfilling career opportunities.

Winners will receive:

  • Internships at Siemens
  • Sir William Siemens Award
  • Device on display in University of Sheffield MindSphere Lounge

Why Siemens?
Siemens technologies are everywhere. Like in a third of the world’s MRI machines. Or the vast majority of its rail networks. Or countless other forms of infrastructure that shape environments, influence economies and pave the way for the future. Victory in this challenge will earn you the prestigious Sir William Siemens Award, as well as an internship at Siemen
s. But win or lose, this is exposure and experience you can’t ignore.

Find out more
You can find out more and register for the event on Career Connect (accessible via MUSE) or on the Siemens website.

The deadline to register for a place is Friday 12th January 2018.



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