Year in Industry Vacancy: RSSB


RSSB is now recruiting for 1-year student placement positions as technology and innovation researchers in the R&D Analysis Team.

Placements come with a salary of £20-24k plus benefits, and will be based in our central London offices, beginning September 2018.

The Analysis team’s mission is to support rail cross-industry research projects through project development, and delivering knowledge searches to high-level cross-industry groups/committees and to rail stakeholders (DfT, NR, ATOC, etc). The Analysis Team also conducts horizon scanning and technology watch exercises in the context of the implementation of the Rail Technical Strategy, envisioning how socioeconomic and technological developments will affect rail in the future. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

This highly rewarding, wide-ranging and sometimes sensitive activity implies that our team maintain a solid scientific and technological profile, and general expertise in gathering, structuring, analysing qualitative and quantitative information. For this reason, we select strong candidates who can immediately bring value to the rail industry with their professional savviness, be they undergraduate or graduate students in the fields of maths, physics, data science or engineering.

Applications will close by 1st March 2018, with interviews of short-listed applicants following soon after.

If you are interested in this role, send a CV and covering letter to:

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