Rolls-Royce: Data Storytelling Challenge


Big data is everywhere. In every industry, all over the world, more data is being generated than ever before. Hidden away within this data is enormous potential value; value that can optimise operations, transform sectors, and help create a more efficient world.

The Data Storytelling Challenge asks you to develop an engaging visual way to tell a complex data story. Using a data set that we give you, we want to see how you would present the insights it contains in an interactive format that meets the needs of a wide range of different people.

If you win, you’ll join us for a ten week paid internship to develop your idea further. And if that goes well, it could just be the start of your relationship with Rolls-Royce.

Who can enter?
To enter the competition, you must be an undergraduate, post graduate or recent graduate student (within 12 months of graduation). You can enter either as an individual, or as part of a team of up to three people (all of you must meet the eligibility criteria).

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