Introducing “Fly” – a new online mental wellbeing course

Starting: Monday, 13 November 2017
Duration: three weeks

| About |
The aim of this course is to guide learners to make smarter, informed choices about managing their wellbeing – taking these new skills through University life and beyond.

| Modules |
This online ‘journey’ will include three weekly modules:
Your life – recognising stress and perfectionism, coping with worry and an introduction to mindfulness.
Your brain – dealing with negative thoughts, reviewing your life anchors and improving motivation.
You and others – having difficult conversations, improving your living space and understanding differences between your listening needs and when you want advice, gratitude, giving to others and finding happiness in everyday life.

| Progressive learning |
Each week will allow you to keep reflective diaries, share and discuss your ideas through an anonymous online forum and review any course material as you go along.

| Join today |
Go to to enrol
This will provide details on:
How we look after any information you put into MOLE
How we will manage, store and use evaluation data including clinical measures

| Need to know |
This is an optional course – you can drop out at any time.
You will be asked to complete clinical questionnaires at the start and end of the course – this is part of ‘getting to know you’ and allows us to find out whether the course has been of benefit to you.

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