Graduate vacancies: McLaren Applied Technologies

tumblr_inline_mh9ewrfi6Y1rt6l7yMcLaren Applied Technologies is an advanced technology, innovation, and design company, on a mission to improve lives in industries as diverse as public transport and health. We innovate using the skills, insights and experience gained from over 50 years of elite racing competition in Formula 1.

Whether you have ambition to become an engineer or you aspire to become a visionary that helps McLaren define its strategy through technical management, their graduate programme will transform you into an elite professional.

Which projects you can be a part of:

  • Data analytics (Decision Science)
  • Software engineering
  • Simulation engineering
  • Control theory (modern or classical)
  • Hardware design
  • Communication systems
  • Power electronics
  • Electronic design
  • Electronical engineering
  • Platforms and concepts
  • Automotive systems
  • Medical devices/ systems

Find out more and apply

Closes 18th November 2017


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