Crime Reduction and Safety Fortnight 2017

Sheffield is reported to be the safest large city in the UK, but like any city, it is not crime free. During Crime Reduction and Safety Fortnight, colleagues and students from across the University will be visible around campus, raising awareness of how crime can affect students and the University community.

Colleagues from Security Services will be answering questions, giving out useful information and tools, and demonstrating the best ways for you to keep yourself and your property safe and secure.

Drop by the dedicated crime reduction stand in the Diamond from Monday 25 until Friday 6 October, 10-4pm, where University security staff and South Yorkshire Police will be on hand to provide advice and to give out free personal attack alarms and other useful tools.

They will also be handing out kits to help mark property onto the Immobilise National Database. If property is registered on the Immobilise database, it means that it is traceable back to you if it is ever stolen.

During Crime Reduction and Safety Fortnight, we’ll also be raising awareness of cycle safety and the precautions students and staff can to take to keep their bikes secure from thieves. Students and staff can visit the Cycle Hut in the Arts Tower car park for cycle marking services and to purchase Gold secure rated locks at a special subsidised rate of GBP 15.

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