Event: LabVIEW Hackathon, 22nd February


The LabVIEW Hackathon will take place on the 22nd of February 2017.

Diamond Building, Computer Room 4.

Who can join?
Any student from any engineering department registered at the University of Sheffield.

Level of experience in LabVIEW required?
Beginner up to Wizard Level

Maximum number of members in a team:
3 members

Who will be there?
Employers looking to recruit. National Instruments, Fraser Nash and Tribosonics will be there in order to find their next graduates, summer and 1 yearlong internship students or offering part time jobs.

Why should I join?

  • Expand your skills portfolio or learn a new skill
  • Networking with prospective employers
  • Great addition to your CV
  • Amazing prizes
  • Free to attend and free food

If you are interested in the event, you can send your contact details or your team contact details to Mihnea Trifan (mitrifan1@sheffield.ac.uk). Please also specify the level of experience in LabVIEW.

Keep up to date via Facebook


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