OnCampus Placement:Digital Folk Survey Research Assistant

The Digital Folk project is a large-scale research project, considering the role and impact of digital media and technology in the field of traditional arts participation. Working under the Digital Folk projects Research Associate, the Survey Research Assistant will carry out analysis of a largely qualitative survey data set, to assist in answering the projects research questions.

The Digital Folk survey is one of a number of ethnographic methods on which the project is based.  Initially intended as a temperature-taking exercise, the unexpectedly high return rate of the online survey has resulted in a large volume of detailed, qualitative, open text data, with the potential to reveal important information about the attitudes and practices of folk musicians and dancers from a variety of traditions towards the uses and potential of digital technologies in their fields.  The project is therefore in need of an assistant who is able to contribute (and consolidate) skills in ICT aimed at data mining of large qualitative data sets.

This project represents an excellent opportunity for a student  interested in a future career in research to work alongside an experienced academic and Research Associate, applying and developing their existing skills to position them as an attractive candidate for a future research support role.

Under the supervision of the projects Research Associate, the student will be involved in (a) identifying priorities for analysing the data set, and (b) designing effective methods for meeting those objectives; the student will be responsible for (c) data entry, according to agreed criteria, and (d) initial rendering/reporting  of results, including plain-English summary of findings.

You can find further details of the placement on Career Connect, using the reference number 54435 or by searching for ‘digital folk’.

Note: This placement is being offered as part of the On CampUS Placements Programme, offering undergraduate and taught postgraduate students a 100 hour project based placement within the University. If you are successful in gaining a placement through this scheme you are required to complete a end of placement poster and commit to specific reviews with the department. For more details about the scheme see: http://www.shef.ac.uk/careers/students/jobs/campus.

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