Events: Employers on Campus

All the following organisations are very keen to meet you, open to all disciplines in any year UNLESS otherwise stated. All of the events listed can be booked in Career Connect – access via MUSE.

Presentation – Webi Education
Monday 13 February – 5.30 pm
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Web International English is one of China’s most recognised and respected brands.  It has established over 120 training centres throughout China and now stands at the forefront of the language training industry.  At this event we will introduce our company and the available placements to English speaking students who are looking for a graduate job or an online teaching job with very competitive salary. We will cover all the questions students may have about working in China from VISAs, training and teaching.  Open to students of all disciplines in their final year or postgraduate taught/research.

Presentation – Chatteris Educational Foundation
Tuesday 14 February – 1.05 pm
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Are you interested in teaching and travelling in Asia and getting paid?  If so, come along to hear more about the Chatteris International Graduate Programme.  The Chatteris Educational Foundation is a registered charity in Hong Kong.  The presentation will last for one hour and will provide an overview of the programme. We will also offer information on what to expect and the unique benefits and experience gained from working within a foreign environment, and some of the career benefits that a year in Chatteris can offer.  Open to students of any discipline in their final year, postgraduate taught or research.

Skills Session – PwC – Networking
Tuesday  14 February – 1:05 pm
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Effective networking is a valuable skill for you at university and will be essential once you’re in the workplace. This session will give hints and tips about how to improve your networking skills and ensure that you can take advantage of all of the opportunities on offer to you at university and beyond. PwC will be delivering this session.

Skills Session – Leadership – American Summers
Wednesday 15 February – 1:05 pm
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Being a leader is about making decisions that continue to grow in positive ways to help either yourself, friends, work colleagues or in your job.  Come along to find out more about Leadership skills, how you acquire them and how you would use them. American Summers have been in the summer camp industry for over 50 years and have opportunities for camp counsellors which they will give information about at this session too.


Presentation plus Q&A – The Army

Thursday 16 February – 1.05 pm

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The British Army is seeking male and female graduates across all subject areas to become commanders, leaders and managers.  This presentation will provide details on the requirements for becoming an Army Officer together with the application and selection process.  Following on from that, you will be able to have a one-to-one chat with the Officer attending to ask any questions you have. Please be prepared with questions to ask. Open to students of any discipline in their first, intermediate or final year plus postgraduate taught. 


All of the above events (and more!) can be accessed and booked via Career Connect – login to MUSE to access the system.


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