Alice Campkin – Alumni Profile

Another week and another alumni profile. This week the profile is courtesy of Alice Campkin who now works at Bechtel as a control systems engineer.

Alice CampkinWhat subjects did you study prior to ACSE?

I studies Maths, Physics, Chemistry and German for my A2’s.

What did you study?

MEng Systems and Control Engineering with Employment Experience.

Focus of your study?

In the first three years, I focused on control theory, mathematics, programming and robotics.
In my final year, I was able to choose what I focussed my final year project on. I had become interested in power systems during my year in industry, so I chose a project that combined electrical and control engineering.

Why did you choose ACSE?

I originally intended to study mechanical engineering until I got the prospectus and found the ACSE course a lot more interesting- I would choose robotics over thermodynamics any day!

Favourite things about ACSE?

ACSE students spend a lot of time in lectures and labs so there’s a good sense of comradery. The department is also relatively small so you end up getting to know everyone in your year..

BechtelCurrent job role?

I am a control systems engineer at Bechtel working on designs for a new gas processing plant in Egypt.
How did studying at ACSE help you in your chosen career?
The technical modules teach you how to take a complex problem and break it down into simpler, more manageable chunks. ACSE also places a lot of emphasis on group work. The soft skills gained from that helped to ease the transition between university and work.

Most challenging aspect of your study?

There is always so much more to learn, so an ACSE student’s work is never done

Most rewarding aspect of studying at ACSE?

I found the first semester of first year difficult. Programming skills come easily to some people but I really struggled. Four years later, I used those skills for my dissertation to model an aircraft power-system and simulate different control strategies. It won me award for the best final year project. It was then I realised how far I had come over the course of my degree.


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