Alumni Month – MSc Prize Winners 2016

ACSE Alumni month continues and this week we bring you not one, not two, not even three, but four ACSE prize winners!

Thanks to the generosity of esteemed individuals and companies, the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering is able to award an impressive range of prizes to our students.


During the MSc Graduation lunch, which was held on Wednesday 13th January 2016, we were honoured to be able to hand out prizes to four graduates who excelled in very different ways.

The prizes were awarded to graduates by ACSE’s Head of Department, Professor Daniel Coca, and included;

  • Laverick-Webster-Hewitt Prizes, Prizes in Mining, provided for many years through the generosity of Mr J H W Laverick, were renamed as Laverick-Webster Prizes in 1964, after their value had been substantially increased by Major N E Webster. In 1971 this prize fund was combined with that for the Hewitt Prize in Mining Engineering, which dates from 1960, and the present three prizes were established.
  • Nicholson Prize for Masters Studies This prize was established in 2004 by the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering to recognise the contribution made by Professor H Nicholson (first Head of the new Department of Control Engineering set up in the late 1960s), who guided the department from its small beginnings to the successful research and teaching unit that it is today.
  • The Eric Rose Prize
  • Bechtel Prize
Yue Gu was awarded the Laverick-Webster-Hewitt Prizes
Yuanyuan Sun was awarded the Nicholson Prize for Masters Studies
Pic 3
Lore Van Raemdonck was awarded The Eric Rose Prize


“Working alongside a diverse set of people, all from different backgrounds has helped me to gain perspective and grow as a person – ultimately aiding my decision in regards to life after ACSE.”

Lore Van Raemdonck, MSc Advanced Control and Systems Engineering

Cuauhtemoc Anda was awarded the Bechtel Prize

Claire Farrugia, MSc Computational Intelligence and Robotics graduate said about her time at ACSE:

Claire Farrugia and friends at ACSE Graduation!
“The course offers an interesting mix of theory and practical and I was very excited with the sheer amount of hardware available for students in the Robotics lab.”

Claire continues:

“Studying at ACSE enabled me to meet different people from all over the world, all coming together with the same aim in common – to study at ACSE.”


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