The National Student Survey

Don’t forget that the National Student Survey (NSS) 2016 is live at The University of Sheffield from Monday 8th February to Saturday 30th April 2016. It will only take a few minutes to complete and you’ll be helping prospective students make the right choices about where and what to study.

The NSS is an annual survey of mainly final year undergraduates in the UK. It is a nationally recognised independent survey, which asks studentsNSS to reflect on their course experience across a range of areas including teaching quality, assessment and feedback, organisation and management, learning resources, personal development, academic support, overall satisfaction and satisfaction with the Students’ Union.

Why take part?

As well as giving you the opportunity to give honest feedback about your student experience, complete the NSS for the chance to win the Amazon vouchers to the value of the response rate we achieve.

  • So, if 20% of you complete it, you can win £20.
  • If 65% of you complete the survey, you can win £65.
  • If all of you complete it, you can win £100.

We’ll update you regularly on progress, so you can persuade your friends and course-mates to complete the survey if they haven’t yet done it.

To access the survey just click HERE!


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