MEng Student Profile – Umang Arora

Week 2 of ACSE Student Month is here and we have another great profile to share with you. This week we spoke to Umang Arora who is studying for his MEng in Systems and Control Engineering.

UA Profile Picture

What subjects did you study prior to ACSE?

At school I undertook the Indian Standard Examinations (A level equivalent) where I studied Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Environmental Science.

UA QuoteWhy did you choose ACSE?

Coming out of school I was unsure which stream of engineering I wanted to pick as I enjoyed programming but also mechanics and electronics. I wanted to enhance my learning in all three subject areas during my time at University. This led me to choosing an MEng in Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering, which I later changed to Control and Systems Engineering. I chose ACSE because of its reputation for being the only engineering faculty in Europe with a dedicated department for systems and control and its renowned robotics course. For me that was fascinating and I felt confident that I would get the best education from ACSE.

Favourite part of the MEng?

My favourite part of the MEng course is the fact that I’m not bound by deadlines and there’s an emphasis on independent learning – something I thoroughly enjoy. The content builds up every year based on concepts and modules previously studied, but practical projects, such as ‘Hardware in a Loop’, really helps put theory into practice allowing for more effective learning.

Future career goals?

I have an interest in the aerospace and transportation sector and wish to pursue a career in an organisation within either of these areas. I also plan on doing an MBA at some point after gaining adequate work experience.

Favourite things about ACSE?

The lecturers are all brilliant at helping us learn and are also very supportive of our personal development. The student and staff committee meetings ensure that change is brought to support the students – our voices are heard at ACSE and that’s what makes us unique!

How will ACSE help you in the future?

The course content and projects undertaken have introduced me to aspects of Systems and Control Engineering that will make me more employable in any industry around the world – whether that is engineering, finance or medicine. With the uprising in automation and big data analytics, my specialised skills will be very valuable to any company I work for and will be key to the success of my career.


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