Energy Postgrads @The University of Sheffield

The University’s Energy2050 initiative, The Doctoral Academy and The Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures are holding a Postgraduate Symposium on Friday 20th November 2015, 10am-2pm in the Octagon Centre at the University of Sheffield.

With more than 250 postgraduate students in energy-related disciplines across the University, there is a huge opportunity for you to collaborate with your peers and help shape the development of our identity in this important research area.

Through a combination of internal and external speakers and opportunities to network, the event is designed to facilitate conversations, create stronger links and foster collaboration across the University.

Specifically, the event aims to:

  • Stimulate networking between PhD students working on similar energy themes, but based indifferent departments/faculties
  • Help PhD students to consider what path their future careers may take, with speakers from academia and industry.

Students attending will be required to provide a poster (Size A0) showcasing their research which will be viewed by delegates over lunch. A £250 prize will be awarded for the best poster.

Register now

Please note: this event is also open to students from other centres for doctoral training.


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