RateMyPlacement Awards are now OPEN!

The RateMyPlacement awards are open for nominations for students, employers and universities. As a student you can nominate yourself or ask your employer to nominate you for the ‘Best Placement Student’ award. If you have worked for a small to medium sized enterprise (organisation with less than 250 employers), why not see if your manager will nominate you for ‘Best Student Contribution to a Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise’. If you win it not only looks great on your CV but you will also win £250!
If you have particularly enjoyed your placement and think your employer deserves an award you can nominate them too by either submitting a review or completing a nomination form (depending on the category):
You have until the Friday 6th November to nominate. University of Sheffield students have been winners 4 times (Best Placement Student and Best Intern) so lets keep that tradition going! I’m here to help with the application process so if you have any questions, just get in touch and please let me know if you do nominate.

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